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Replacing and maintaining a car battery is one of the most challenging (and dangerous) automotive maintenance procedures out there. After all, Nissan batteries are often wet-cell lead-acid batteries, which means that there are plenty of safety precautions that need to be taken into consideration:

·        Properly filling (to account for fluid lost to evaporation, electrolysis, and other factors)

·        Cleaning/lubrication (wiping away dirt/corrosion from the battery terminals)

·        General precautions (removing any dangling jewelry or loose clothing)

With all of this in mind, replacing your Nissan's battery might not be something you want to tackle on your own. If you'd like some help, schedule a service appointment with our Andy Mohr Nissan team.


The Importance of Your Nissan Battery  

Put simply, your car's battery is by far the most important component of its ignition system. Without it, it wouldn't be able to start. Plus, it also powers the lights and other miscellaneous electrical systems in your Nissan.

Last but certainly not least, the battery takes care of air filtering and vehicle stabilization. With all of these vital functions being dependent on your car battery, you'll want to make sure your vehicle is receiving enough power so that wherever you're headed, your ride is smooth and safe.

Is it Time for a Nissan Battery Repair Service?  

Now that we've covered just how important battery replacement is, we'd like to provide you with a quick checklist so you can figure out if it's time for a new car battery replacement of your own.

How do you know when it's time to take your vehicle in for service? Check out these questions:

1.   If you put the key in the ignition, is it just clicking? Totally dead?

2.   Are the headlights or the taillights broken, dim, or flickering?

3.   How long has it been? Can you even remember the last time you checked your battery?

If any of those questions are eliciting concerning responses, then it might be time to schedule your service.


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If your Nissan does require service, don't despair! You're in luck, because you've got one of the top battery-replacement service spots right in your backyard. Here at the Andy Mohr Nissan Service Center, we're focused on serving all of our customers around Indianapolis, Lawrence, Speedway, and the surrounding Indiana communities. Call us!

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